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Thank you for your interest in our community. Please review our leasing policies before proceeding with the online application.

All applications for residency are processed through Tenant Tracker, Inc. In reviewing your application, all of the following areas will be taken into consideration.

Your local employment must be verified. We want at least 2 years good employment history. If self-employed, we will require the past 2-year's income tax returns. You must have verifiable monthly income equal to at least 3 times the monthly amount of rent. A lease guarantor may be accepted for individuals classified as students or the prospect may be required to pay 1 month of rentals in advance for the lease period. Co signers must earn 3 times the amount of monthly rent if they do not have another rental obligation and 6 times the amount of monthly rent if they do. They must also have both 2 years consistent resident and employment history.

We require the last two years favorable rental and payment history from a management company, lienholder, mortgage co., apartment community or individual rental property owner.

You must be at least 18 years of age or legally considered an adult by law. All adults are required to be made party to the lease and execute the same.

Credit is checked through nationwide Credit Bureaus. You cannot have a bankruptcy, repossession, foreclosure or tax lien on your account within the last two years. Any collections over $2500.00 within the last two years would require a co-signer or month in advance in rentals. No mortgage, leinholders, management companies or individual rental property owners reporting payment problem. Evictions within the last 24 months will cause the application to be automatically rejected. Evictions within the last 36 months coupled with confirmable "positive" rental history during this time period are acceptable.

If you have been convicted/received-deferred adjudication for a felony, we reserve the right to reject your application. All other criminal history is subject to review.

No more than 2 residents, 6 months and older, in a one-bedroom apartment and no more than 4 residents, 6 months and older in a two-bedroom apartment. If you exceed our maximum-per-bedroom at the end of the lease term, you have the choice of either (1) giving appropriate move out notice as required by the lease and vacating the unit; or (2) moving up to a unit with more bedrooms at the then prevailing rent for the larger unit but only if the larger unit is available at that time.

All applicants understand that upon application approval they are required to obtain and maintain liability insurance protection for Owner with minimum coverage in the amount of one-hundred thousand dollars($100,000.00) for damage to Owner's and third party's property with provisions covering at least perils of fire, explosion, sewer backup, smoke and accidental water discharge. Your policy must include Willow Crest Apartments, as an "Additional Insured".

James Peters with Farmers Insurance can be contacted at the following for a quote. JPETERS4@FARMERSAGENT.COM Or Call (325) 660-5210


NOTE: Applications are not processed until deposit and fees are paid you may pay by credit card. Simply click the link Pay Deposit & Fees